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Yep we've taken the plunge and moved up North, landing on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast, just in time for summer. IVI ORGANIC now calls Peregian Beach home.  We're about 10 mins south of Noosa Heads and loving the laid back vibe.   To celebrate our new lives IVI ORGANIC has restructured our pricing, check out the IVI website for great bargins and our new contact details.

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12 Tips to Nurture Your Creativity

Well-being: the state of being happy, healthy or successful. Nice. We’d all like that, wouldn’t we? But because we get so caught up so often in “doing” we forget about what it really means to be “living.” Click HERE for 12 Easy Tips to Nurture Your Creativity

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Balance Your Life - Create Beautiful Skin

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Create beautiful skin

Skin – the largest organ in the body.

It’s what protects our insides from outside extremes, such as temperature fluctuations and helps us retain water. Skin helps keep infections out and acts as a barrier to dangerous chemicals. It also manufactures vitamin D which helps convert calcium into healthy bones.

In short, the health of our skin affects the health of our entire body.

So it makes you wonder – why would we do less than nourish it properly?

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6 Different ways you can use IVI COCO

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IVI COCO has been our best-kept secret and we have tried it on just about everyone and everywhere. So, as an IVI COCO Guru, I will share with you 6 of my best tips and tricks that you can use IVI COCO for. 

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3 Simple Tips for Fabulous Skin

Beauty Beauty Tips Healthy Skin Organic Skincare

Dominique's Beauty Tips: Fabulous skin is not hard to achieve with the right guidance. Being a woman who had my very own skin concerns I have some simple and easy yet effective tips to share with you. START WITH WATER Start with the most important of all…WATER. Everyone should drink at least 2 litres of water per day. I drink 4. Scrap everything else during the week and stick to water. Before you know it the improvements in your skin will be very noticeable. MAKE YOUR SKIN REGIME SIMPLE You need to have a simple daily skin care regime. We...

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