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Illuminate Your Spirit, Illuminate Your Life

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Illuminate your spirit, illuminate your life

At IVI ORGANIC we believe in living in harmony with the earth and we believe in life. We also believe that the choices we make, what we eat and put on our skin, either contribute to or takes away from, our well-being. Every moment that we’re alive we have the opportunity to make choices which will help us become more balanced, stronger and brighter. Each time we make a choice that is in harmony with nature and ourselves our feminine energy grows and our spirit illuminates. And who doesn’t want that?

3 Tips for Illuminating Your Spirit and Life

The loose definition of illuminate is to brighten or make lucid, to enlighten with knowledge or to make resplendent or illustrious. When your spirit is bright, you are lighter and more powerful; it shows on your face, your skin and in your smile. But how can you achieve that? What can you do to create a greater sense of lightness and well-being? Our entire business rests on the unchanging philosophy that true beauty comes from the inside – and then we enhance it on the outside. The same philosophy holds true whether you’re talking about your spirit or your life. Just like every other aspect of well-being, it all begins with the work you do on the inside which then manifests on the outside.

 1. Start with Your Heart

We often create our goals and to-dos based on what we think, rather than on what we feel. The problem with this method is that we can end up accomplishing a lot and still not feeling very good about ourselves, about our lives. But if you start first with getting in touch with how you want to feel, and then create goals and to-dos which you know will make you feel that way,  then you'll be building a life that makes you feel the way you want to feel. It sounds simple, but we often don’t do this so try this: Sit down today and take just a few minutes getting in touch with how you want to feel. Think of one thing you can do that will help you feel that way and do it.

2. Embrace Change

As humans, we fear change. It's unfortunate because life is nothing without change. Change is what transforms us, forms us and helps us grow. Your fear of change comes from the primitive part of your brain which is trying to keep you out of danger; it likes the comfort of the known. When we get hit with change we tend to panic and go into hyper “doing” mode – doing something is a way of pretending we are in control, which we’re not. Not really. Life happens to all of us, and much of it is out of our control. But the one thing you can control is how you respond to things. So, when change hits and the fear of change pushes itself into your face, rather than going into hyper overdrive do this: sit quietly with yourself, and just be. This will not only help calm your primitive self it will allow you to think about the positive aspects of what is happening. If you can train yourself to start responding with quietness and reflection rather than panic and fear when change happens, you will grow your ability to not only handle change but to embrace it.

3. Rekindle Your Creativity

You are a creative being. We all are. Even if you’ve lost touch with this personal aspect of self, your creativity is still there, waiting for you to encourage it to reemerge. And the answer to how you can do this is far simpler than you think: Choose to stop squishing your creativity. Creativity becomes limited when we go day after day without challenging ourselves – creativity becomes limited when we follow well-worn habits that are not helping us to become more illuminated. Most of us live in a society which does little to encourage or support personal creativity. Which is ironic since it’s that very creativity which drives society forward, helps us evolve. But once you recognise that our system (school, family, work expectations) has taught you to limit your creativity you can change that. To break habits which keep your creativity hemmed in, take a few minutes every day to do something a little differently. For example, if you always walk to your car by going through the kitchen, then the family room, then to the garage, change it up. Take a new route, through the garden then the side yard. The point is, you can regain connection to your creativity just by changing your routines a little bit, every day. Try it. You’ll be amazed at how just doing one thing in a new way can trigger your creative thinking. The ability to fill your spirit and life with illuminating choices comes down to making little changes – consciously – on a regular basis. And when you start making those choices, over time, your spirit and face will glow. You’ll feel it from inside all the way to the outside, and everyone you connect with will feel it also.

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