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“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter - in the eye.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul.

And in fact, this might literally be true. There was a study done by Yale University psychologists in which they asked adults and preschoolers where their soul was located. And yes, the majority selected near the eyes – even if the picture they were shown was a green-skinned alien ( The study of course is open for interpretation.

But it does make one wonder – what if when we are looking into our own eyes we’re looking into our own soul? That would mean windows are not just portals we see outward with, but portals which allow us to see inward.

If you haven’t done it recently pause right now and go look at your eyes – really look at them. Stare deeply.

  • Did you get enough sleep?
  • Did you eat poorly yesterday?
  • Drink too much wine last night?
  • Did you drink enough water in the last few days?
  • Are you happy?
  • Or Depressed?

All of this shows in your eyes.

Your eyes will tell you if you are in harmony with yourself (shining bright) or if you are at odds with yourself (a little harder to look at). The eyes and skin around your eyes can tell you so much – if you’re tired, if you’ve eaten too much salt; whether it’s allergy season or you’ve had a recent bout of crying.

Or a bout of laughing. Don’t you just love how the area around the yes crinkles up when someone laughs?

Your eyes tell you if you’re doing well with your health and what’s going on in your life. For instance, have you ever noticed when someone has just fallen in love how much their eyes sparkle and their face seems to glow?

And the wonders of our eyes don’t stop there. Your eyes have 127,000,000 cells – the rods and cones that receive light, transmit messages to your brain and allow you to see.

There are eye tracking systems and computer interfaces that allow those who need it to communicate and operate computers with their eyes.

With the aid of a telescope our eyes can see far into the reaches of space or with a telescope we can observe the unimaginably tiny things.

Trouble Making Decisions? Ask Your Eyes.

Yes, our eyes tell us a great deal.

They can even tell you the truth about yourself. Whether you call it a soul or not, your eyes do mirror how you feel deep inside. Your eyes never lie.

Because your eyes don’t lie, if you are having trouble figuring out how you feel about something rather than sitting and contemplating what choice to make, ask your eyes by doing this:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and talk about your different options.
  2. Watch your eyes for how they appear and how they change.
  3. Does one choice bring out more a glint? or wide-eyed wonder?

If you really truly observe yourself you’ll know which decision is best for you – even if it goes against what your head is telling you.

9 Easy Ways to take care of Your Eyes

With eyes being so important it makes sense to do what you can to take care of them so to begin here are some easy eye-care tips:

  1. Putting cucumber slices on your eyelids truly does work wonders. Cucumber slices have ascorbic acid and caffeic acid which prevents water retention
  2. Green tea bags prevent puffiness
  3. Wear polarized sun glasses (no more than 30% of sunlight should reach your eyes)
  4. When we stare at a computer screen we tend to blink less which leads to dry eyes so make an effort to blink often (okay, 1-2-3 blink)
  5. Exercise your eyes by focusing near, then far
  6. Do not read in dim light
  7. Eat for good vision – foods with omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, vitamins C and E, A (too little can cause night blindness)
  8. Don’t smoke
  9. Wear safety goggles when needed

Perhaps it would be wise of us to think about eye care as part of how we take care of our soul – or at least one of the windows leading to it.

Like your eyes themselves, the skin around your eyes – that very skin that is responsible for crinkling up when you laugh – deserves some special treatment too. It’s thinner so it shows signs of aging more quickly and is also more sensitive. This means you need to use gentle, non-irritating products which will nourish your skin.

Take a look at our luxurious, ILLUMINATING skincare range which targets DEHYDRATION, PIGMENTATION and LACK OF BRIGHTNESS. It’s organic goodness brings you only the best for your skin

The ILLUMINATING RANGE will truly give your skin what it deserves.

Using Certified Organic Extracts and Vitamins A, C & E this range will:

  • Reduce skin pigmentation
  • Hydrate your skin
  • Decrease the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Even out skin tone

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