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3 Simple Tips for Fabulous Skin

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Dominique's Beauty Tips: Fabulous skin is not hard to achieve with the right guidance. Being a woman who had my very own skin concerns I have some simple and easy yet effective tips to share with you.


Start with the most important of all…WATER. Everyone should drink at least 2 litres of water per day. I drink 4. Scrap everything else during the week and stick to water. Before you know it the improvements in your skin will be very noticeable.


You need to have a simple daily skin care regime. We are all busy women so having an achievable regime will most likely mean you will stick to your routine everyday. That’s why we created our simple Illuminating 3-step skincare range. It’s quick, easy and nothing short of effective. First cleanse then add the extra boost to your skin of powerful ingredients in a serum and then moisturise. If you need more details on the steps visit Keeping your skin hydrated is imperative, moisturising once a day often doesn’t make the cut. Find yourself a daily moisturiser, one that you can carry around and use where ever you are, whenever you need it. IVI COCO is my little secret. I carry it everywhere I go so no matter what I am doing I can always hydrate my skin without a second thought.


Eat healthy. Keep your diet full of proteins and greens. As delicious as they are, steer clear from foods containing an abundance of sugar, saturated fats and preservatives. Once you start to say goodbye to all the bad food in your diet you will notice the difference in your skin. For a long time I had way too many cheat days and my skin definitely was not afraid to let me know it was time to get rid of a few. I introduced a healthy eating plan with a cheat day once a week and within no time I saw major improvements in my skin. The key to healthy beautiful skin is not only to take care of it on the outside, but also just as importantly, the care you take on the inside.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be patient. Give yourself the opportunity to try my 3 hot tips on beauty and you will have healthy glowing skin.

Dominique x

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