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6 Different ways you can use IVI COCO

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After a long winter of hibernation … it was only natural that we would launch to the world IVI COCO by IVI ORGANIC just in time for spring and summer.

IVI COCO is a combination of simplicity, practicality and luxury, and for all us women on–the-go. IVI COCO now means that we have a natural, organic alternative to superficial daily moisturisers and our skin will never be deprived of the nourishment it deserves again.

Our creation can be enjoyed by; any woman, any man or any child, in any place, at any time it's the perfect way to kick start spring and ditch that winter dryness that most of us have suffered!

IVI COCO has been our best-kept secret and we have tried it on just about everyone and everywhere. So, as an IVI COCO lover, I'm going to share my 6 best tips and tricks that you can use IVI COCO for.

1. Luscious Lips anyone?

If you are anything like me and suffer from dry & cracked lips from time to time, all you need to do is apply a thin layer of IVI COCO to your pout before slipping into bed, and throughout the day. I promise you, you'll wake up with the most nourished and luscious lips anyone could ask for. TRY IT - you will be super impressed!

2. Dry & cracked cuticles anyone?

What has winter done to us! I am a self-confessed; nail obsessed girl that suffers from cracked & dry cuticles. I love my hands and nails to look beautiful. Sometimes I look down at my hands and see how terrible my cuticles look. I feel the need to do something about it straight away, and this is where IVI COCO has saved my cuticles. Simply run your IVI COCO stick over your cuticles and nails, don’t worry about ruining your polish, it is completely safe!). Massage it gently but don’t worry if you don’t have time because it will still work! It's ultra convenient.

3. Dry or cracked hands anyone?

ME! I tend to be more on the dry side and unfortunately a lot of us are in winter, so you're not alone. I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of hand creams, they make me feel a little smothered. Until now I didn’t really have a choice, but now…. I do! Apply IVI COCO on the tops of your hands and knuckles, if you have time massage it but if you don’t, not worry it still soaks in and works!

4. Dry Nails?

It is so common these days for women & girls to apply nail polish, shellac, gel polish, etc to their nails. Many of us are guilty of it! Sometimes you just don’t have the time to go to the salon and have them removed professionally so you peel them off. A BIG NO-NO! Have you done this?.... I have! And 'OH MY' how dehydrated my nails are, they feel and look terrible and are so weak. All you need to do is rub IVI COCO on your nails, massage and leave it to do the work. Do this several times throughout  the day. You'll see how quickly your nails come back to life in such a short period of time. IVI COCO will rejuvenate your dry nails and bring them back to life. You'll love it!

5. Dry Elbows anyone?

Apparently, not many people check out their elbows, I suppose it’s a little hard. But they are so visible to everyone else. Is it only me that doesn’t look at their elbows? Please don’t make me feel alone here – do you look at yours? Are yours dry? Mine were! Rub IVI COCO into your elbows you'll see how soft and supple they become. Start now and you'll be proud to flaunt your arms about in summer.

6. Do you want a supple face?

We should all be using our daily moisturises morning and night (I do religiously)- I use the ILLUMINATING FACIAL SERUM followed by the ILLUMINATING BRIGHTENING HYDRATOR by IVI ORGANIC. I know how it feels after a big day when you just want to jump into bed and ditch your cleansing regime and hope for the best in the morning. Maybe you are a routine girl and no matter what you wouldn’t miss it for the world. Sometimes your skin is just craving that little extra bit of hydration. You know when you only drink those 7 glasses of water and your body is just screaming for the 8th? Well, it’s the same kind of feeling for your skin. Don’t ignore it, feed it what it needs. For most of us, it’s difficult to moisturise during the day. When your skin is craving moisture, carrying around your daily moisturiser in your handbag probably isn't common practice. Not anymore, pop IVI COCO in your bag and use it throughout the day as you need it; under your eyes ( you know where those little crows feet are, sorry smile lines) on your forehead, chin, nose or cheeks, wherever you need it. You can apply it over your makeup – it won’t change a thing, just make your skin look more dewy! If you have a little precious one then you can use it on their little rosy cheeks too!

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