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How To Find The Beauty Of Your Spirit In Just One Heartbeat

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“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” -African Proverb Your spirit.

Even if you do not believe in the concept of a soul, that infamous something which carries on after death, this post is still for you. Because the spirit we are talking about is that aspect of you which includes your energy, your character, and your attitudes.  We’re talking about the essence of what makes you, you. When people ask, “What is spirit?” they are really asking about who they are. You know you have a body. You know you have a mind. And you know there is something that makes the intense beauty of an arctic sunrise a tangible exhilaration which only you can experience in the way you experience it. We can both be standing on the same sidewalk at the same time watching the same seagull fly overhead and our experiences will be different because we each have a unique spirit. Without your spirit, no matter how you define it, you would not be who you are. As human beings we are terrifically hard on ourselves, our spirit. Why? Why are we, on a daily basis, so hard on our own spirit? Things many of us do every day to trash our spirit:

  • Make a decision that is out of integrity with your true essence
  • When you do something someone else wants you to do that goes against your basic nature
  • When you don’t do something that is important to you because you are afraid
  • Every time you criticise yourself
  • Every time you criticise others
  • Every time you don’t believe in yourself
  • Every time you treat your body poorly
  • Every time you wish you were someone else other than who you are

Chances are good that when you read that list, you’ve probably done at least one of those today and chances are also very good that you are so much harder on yourself than you are on anyone around you. Is it because we expect perfection from ourselves every moment of every day and if we don’t achieve it we have reason to be mad at ourselves? We know perfection is an impossible feat. If we know that, then why do we so often feel disappointed with ourselves? And what can you do about it? How can you ease up on yourself and not only stop trashing yourself but embrace who you are? How can you embrace your spirit so that you soar rather than cage yourself up? It’s not as hard as you think. To begin, understand that it’s not external events which we’re having trouble dealing with, it’s our own fear, doubt, insecurities and resistance which creates the self-trashing. The usual culprit that gives rise to us being uncomfortable with ourselves is the gap between what our reality is, and what we want it to be.

Think about this for a moment.

If you are in complete harmony with your reality right now, as it really is, then there is no disappointment. And if there is no level of internal disappointment, then there is no self-trashing.   So the solution then, the way to find the beauty of your spirit in just one heartbeat is to accept the here and now exactly as it truly is.     In literally one moment in time you can change your entire view about yourself and go from being disgruntled and unhappy with yourself and life and move into seeing the beauty of your spirit and your life. Of course, the next question is how can we do this? How can we accept the here and now exactly as it truly is? Here are 3 tips you can use to get better at accepting the here and now so you can begin to be more supportive of your spirit. All of these get easier with practice.

  1. Be aware of self-trashing: catch yourself doing this and then reword your internal monologue so it’s supportive rather than negative.
  1. Practice being real – look around at your life and be real. Rather than agreeing to meet your friend for coffee when it’s really not in your budget, be honest. Say it’s not in your budget and invite her over for coffee at your place. This seems like a small thing but it’s really huge. It’s all about being in integrity with yourself.
  1. Try not to resist what is – when you feel yourself moving into resistance to something which is occurring right now, stop trying to wish things were different and think, “This is what is. It’s exactly what I need right now or I wouldn’t be giving myself this opportunity.”

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