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Take Back Your Pieces & Embrace Your Real Beauty

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We use that word a lot. But what does it really mean? And why does physical beauty seem to matter so much to people anyway?

At a basic level something which is beautiful is something that has qualities which give us pleasure or satisfaction; it’s something or someone who delights our senses or mind.

How we define beauty is a cultural thing as well as an individual thing, which is why what appeals to one person in a certain culture may not appeal to another. Our age also influences what we appreciate as beautiful. When we’re younger we often tend to respond more to how someone looks on the outside rather than understanding that real beauty, what makes a person truly beautiful, is about who they are on the inside. But, the obsession with youth and physical beauty that we find in many cultures is not really our fault.

Beauty markers, as scientists call them, are linked to evolution. On an intrinsic level we equate certain forms of beauty as a sign of good health and a sign of good genetics which is important to our species biologically. So it’s all about propagating our species. Important to the human race. But we certainly don’t need to be stuck there so let’s look at beauty from a more important day to day perspective. According to research from DOVE:

  • Only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves to be beautiful and 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty

WOW! So a lot of us are looking around thinking how beautiful other women are, but not when it comes to ourself. As Women, Why are we so Hard on Ourselves? The simple answer is, practice. In general we’ve practiced being hard on ourselves since we were little girls born into a society that worked hard to get us to conform. At home we learned what we had to do to be “good” girls – and mostly that was not about being ourselves. Then we went to school which taught us to blend in, do what we were told, and follow the rules. Then we grew up and most of us had to leave more pieces of ourselves behind in order to get a job to make money, form a relationship, or get married and form our own families.

The truth is that not nearly enough women have ever been encouraged to be themselves and when we are constantly told to be something other than who we truly are, the natural result is we can’t see our own beauty or wonderful unique qualities. When whole cultures invalidate who we are we can’t help but do it to ourselves.

But as they say, recognising the problem is more than half the battle. You’ve come to be where you are with good reason – just as we admire physical beauty for good reason. But now that you know it, you don’t have to let it rule your thoughts any longer. How?  Go from here. Turn off the self-criticism and be gentle with yourself. When you stop beating yourself up you let the good stuff in, and out.  Do this every day and you will reclaim those lost parts of yourself so you can become wholly you, inside and out.

IVI ORGANIC founders

Real whole beauty is something we’ve thought a lot about at IVI ORGANIC. If you haven’t read our story take a look. IVI ORGANIC was created by my two daughter's and myself and one of the primary lessons taught in our household is that true beauty comes from the inside, and then we enhance it on the outside. We’d love to help you come to appreciate and embrace your own real beauty. That’s right – your beauty! All 100% of YOU. So join us on our journey, find out more about us by clicking here. Our brand new ILLUMINATING RANGE draws it's formulation from the essence of nature using ORGANIC ingredients to bring to you only the best for your skin – and you deserve only the best. THE ILLUMINATING RANGE  will truly give your skin what it deserves. Using Certified Organic Extracts and Vitamins A, C & E this range will help:

  • Reduce skin pigmentation
  • Hydrate your skin
  • Decrease the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Even out skin tone

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