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The Colours of You & Your Whole Health

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The colours of you & your whole health

Whole health is about so much more than just what we eat, or how we exercise, or what we put on our skin. Whole health is about your mind, body and spirit – it’s about the choices you make, feeling great about yourself and how you live – it’s about creating a life which supports and brings out the best Colours of You.

What are the Colours of You?

The Colours of You have nothing to do with your hair or skin colour.

Every woman has unique energies, motions and emotions which are hers and hers alone. These facets combine together into a perfect mix forming the Colours of You  which are the unseen personal energies, dynamic and fluid, which fill your inner and outer self.

What you do, how you live, how you think, the choices you make, how you eat, what you put on your skin and body, all affect the Colours of You. Any choice in life that affects the Colours of You is ultimately going to affect not only how you feel, but also how those around you respond to and perceive you. This is important to recognise when you set out to accomplish something which involves other people.

Did you ever meet a person who just magnetised you? Male or female? The kind of person you were compelled to be near but you couldn’t explain why. And no doubt you’ve had the other response too – a person who just bothered you to be around for no apparent reason. We respond to people in specific ways for a variety of reasons. But one of those “invisible” signals which we can’t quite put our finger on is how we feel about a person’s mix of personal colours; their energy and vibration of emotions which is, in a nutshell, the sum total of all that has come before for them in their lives.You are your sum total of all your experiences and decisions and how you choose to live your life. Together, this sum creates your specific energies, or colours. Even though for most of us these colours remain unseen by the naked eye, we still respond to them. As individuals we are drawn to certain colours and repelled by others, whether those colours are part of a person’s energies or whether we’re shopping for clothes in a store.

Take a look in your closet and you’ll mostly likely find a selection of colours which you love, or at least like. There are probably some colours which don’t live in your closet at all because you don’t like those colours, or don’t believe you look good in them.

Part of whole health is understanding that the choices we make create a direct impact on our colours. Though you may not be aware of all those colours that make up you, you do experience them on the inside. When things in your life are positive and clicking, your colours are lighter and brighter. When you feel stuck and frustrated, the colours you emit will be darker, less fluid.

This is astonishing and really great news. Why? Because by focusing on making choices which actively contribute to being brighter and lighter, you will be. And those around you will respond in more positive ways to you, when compared to when you are slower and darker. This in turn helps you become even brighter and more ILLUMINATED – this cycle feeds on itself and when you consciously drive it you become an even greater you.

So the question becomes, how can you do this? What are some tips to help brighten the colours of you?

Using Certified Organic Extracts and Vitamins A, C & E

5 Tips to Brighten the Colours of You

  1. When you are making a decision about something ask yourself, “Which choice will help me expand?” Your gut will answer you - follow that.
  1. Go out of your way to surround yourself with colours which speak to you, right now, rather than choosing out of old habit. This goes for clothing and decorating, as well as those knick knacks which you keep around – including the packaging on products. Anything you surround yourself with should make you happy.
  1. Eat from the rainbow. When we constantly eat browns and grays and whites (think fast food) we darken ourselves. When we eat many different colours of foods, yellows and reds and oranges and purples, we nourish the vast array of colours that make us up. Nourishment makes us brighter.
  1. Believe in your spirit. You are so much more than just a body walking around on this beautiful planet. Knowing that you are here for great purpose will help your spirit soar toward your passions, and this, more than just about anything else, will lighten and brighten you. People who follow their purpose/s are magnetic. Study them, learn from there.
  1. Be aware of the impact of different colours and what they mean. There are a lot of theories about colours, colour psychology, and what we interpret different colours to mean. As a couple of examples:
  • Red, the colour of blood, is often associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, and anger.
  • Green is associated with spring, growing, nature, safety and permission. Studies have shown that green is one of the more calming colours.

If you need to get fired up, choose something red. If you need to calm yourself, go for green.

The Colours of You are magnificent and totally unique. Honour that part of yourself and you’ll be amazed at what can happen in your life.


Every Woman’s Unique Beauty

At IVI ORGANIC we recognise the importance of honouring every woman’s unique beauty. You’ll feel it in every product, and every package which we create with great intent and love.

Our luxurious, ILLUMINATING skincare range targets concerns of DEHYDRATION, PIGMENTATION and LACK OF BRIGHTNESS. It draws it's formulation from the essence of nature using ORGANIC ingredients to bring to you only the best for your skin.


THE ILLUMINATING RANGE will truly give your skin what it deserves.

Using Certified Organic Extracts and Vitamins A, C & E this range will:

  • Reduce skin pigmentation
  • Hydrate your skin
  • Decrease the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Even out skin tone

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