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Nurture your creativity

Well-being: the state of being happy, healthy or successful. Nice. We’d all like that, wouldn’t we? But because we get so caught up so often in “doing” we forget about what it really means to be “living.”

As a human being, you are by your very nature, creative. And nurturing your creativity is a huge part of living in a state of well-being. More often than not, women particularly, neglect their creativity thinking they’ll get to it when they have some “free” time.

For starters, there is no such thing as free time. Time is just time. You can make use of it or not but it’s all the same thing. You have the potential to be creative right here, right now. Our world today is global and fast-paced. 

Here at IVI ORGANIC headquarters in Australia, we can reach out to women all around the world and exchange ideas and tips and get help from each other. We’ve become one large community – it’s truly incredible. At no other point in human history have we had such an ability to connect to virtually anywhere.    

This also means that the world is in a state of constant change – change which requires our creativity and mindful presence if we desire to make the most of our time here. So we encourage you to stop putting off nurturing your creativity and make it important in your daily life.

12 Tips to Nurture Your Creativity

Tips to Nurture Your Creativity

  1. Stop doing things the exact same way every day. If you always sit down at your desk or table from the right side, switch to the left. Many small changes such as this, done daily, will infuse your creative spirit.
  2. Don’t think of creativity as something outside your personal box. There are no boxes when it comes to the human spirit. Start recognising your creativity as an integral part of you which you can access whenever you want.
  3. You’re decisions really don’t have to make sense all the time. Go ahead, make a decision you wouldn’t normally make. Once you do this a few times you might start to like it.
  4. Know in your gut that being wrong is not bad. Ultimately there is no wrong or right, everything is just an experience. People often limit their creative ideas because they are afraid of being “wrong.” Think about some ways you can move past that feeling.
  5. Understand limitations are just something you have imposed upon yourself. They don’t truly exist.
  6. Your creativity is what you make it. It’s yours to grow and to tend. It doesn’t have to please anyone else or be accepted by anyone else. If you’re a normally traditional woman who secretly loves designing tribal tattoos, go for it. (Then send it to us because we want to see!)
  7. Kickstart your creative juices with a “creative” list (no chores on this list). For example, make a list of blue things or things you can hear right now. Have fun with it. (For more check out 25 Mind-bending lists you can make to generate improvements in your creativity.)
  8. Rather than scheduling some cool creative project when you feel you have time, schedule it for one of your busiest times. You’ll be surprised at how well this helps you get right into a project.
  9. Nike did have it right – “Just Do It”. So, stop thinking and planning so much and just do. Creativity is not about producing anything it’s about just doing it.
  10. Allow your mind to wander. From psychology today: “it’s a bit like taking the mind off the leash and it behaves differently.”
  11. Go and see something new.
  12. Stop just going through the motions. You know when you are living your life by phoning it in. This is no way to live – you’re not being your authentic self and it’s not a habit that will make your creativity thrive.

To move forward in life you must come up with new ideas and insights about yourself – this relates to your creativity. Your creativity is already there and sometimes all you have to do is let it happen.

So go ahead and rekindle your creativity. It’s a great way to contribute to your well-being.


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